Why It hurts to see them suffer….

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In the 1990s, my father was a senior doctor in the public sector responsible for the supply of medical equipment and medicines throughout Balochistan ( the largest province of Pakistan). We were allotted a government home located in a government colony which was calm and beautiful. …

Writing challenge day 2

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The social media platform is such a mess. It has all kinds of content that you get addicted to seeing almost everyday. …

Writing challenge Day 1

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I have been thinking about finding enough time to write. To have that sense of space and comfort where I can have a flow of words coming in smoothly while I type the keywords as quick as possible before words go away.

Now this does happens…

That I have never been able to say …

In a Pashtun culture, fathers are ought to be insensitive and not emotionally expressive towards their children. That is how they are taught and groomed to be in the cultural setup. …

Try these options to stay sane and rational

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“I typed a usual long message of self-loathing but I erased it before sending it to you. I wish I could shut my mind for a while to be at peace.”said a friend.

“You don’t have to write to me, I may not be the best judge of how you…

It is not the love, but the bonding and respect that I value most.

I would be honest here, as I write, this post is not to brag about you being 3,682 km away (Karachi-Bangkok) from me. It is also not a burst out of emotions about how much I miss you.

The mere words of “Happy birthday my love, I miss you a…

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How motherhood makes you compromise and prioritize altogether

I am a wife, mother, startup-manager, blogger and a udemy course instructor. And no, I am not exhausted, I always have had the optimism in me for progressing and enhancing my knowledge each day in different domains.

I have learned to compromise on not working over what was least important…

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I made a long gap in my blog journey again. And this time, I had a genuine reason of having a beautiful little baby boy that gave a new purpose to my life.

As I lay my baby asleep and found some “ME” time, I recalled the progress and the…

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The questions of creating content for your blog comes first when you start a new blog. Even if you have defined your niche, done with brainstorming and mind mapping for the best fit keywords,

you still have to strategically use the art of expressing yourself through your words.

Words that…

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I would like to be clear cut and honest in this story about having affiliate sale from Pinterest ! and I will show it to you step by step with images and screenshot of my own blog. Yes ! …

Marjan Arbab

Writer by heart, blogger by passion, Instructional designer by innovation and product manager by profession

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